Whether talking to high school teens and college coeds who are being launched into independence, teaching safety awareness to young adults in the workforce, or working with corporations on active shooter response training, The Vigilance Group offers a number of options to ensure the safety of everyone inside any type of organization.

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Keynote address

An expert from the Vigilance Group delivers a presentation about how to live safely in a dangerous world.  The hard-hitting address centers around the life skill of personal safety, focusing on the principles of vigilance, awareness, and skillful response. These presentations provide the knowledge and confidence to empower you to avoid situations with potentially dangerous outcomes.

Pricing from $2,000

Vigilance Workshop

In this hands-on seminar, the Vigilance Group team talks about how to live safely in a dangerous world, focusing on the principles of vigilance, awareness, and skillfull response. After the presentation, trainers from the Vigilance Group work with the participants, demonstrating self-defense skills. The workshop is focused on teaching the physical defensive techniques necessary to escape assault and survive.

Pricing from $3,500.

Active Shooter Response Training

This interactive training works to desensitize people to the immediate noise, confusion, and fear that occurs during an Active Shooter scenario. We teach the principles of 'Run, Hide, or Fight' and decode this mantra to help everyone understand exactly how to respond in active shooter situations.

Pricing from $4,500


At the Vigilance Group, your safety and confidence are our primary concern and we are happy to customize our programs and pricing to meet the needs of your organization.